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Multi-site Events

This section is designed to organize multi-site events for training and updates in the medical field, thanks to our interactive videocommunication solution through easymeeting™ live with high audio-video quality and complete interaction between the different sites.


Do you need a videoconsultation from a specialist? This section is at your disposal! The videoconsultation makes it possible for you to have a high quality videocommunication with the medical community in real time.

Most seen 22/2/2011 RICANALIZZAZIONE DEL RETTO DOPO RESEZIONE SEC. ... M. Dellepiane - A. Coda - F. Ferri - R. Borroni - A. Bona [+] More Most recent 24/11/2017 NOSE Gastrectomia laparoscopica V. Romeo, M.M. Lirici, S. M. Tierno, G. Campana [+] More Congresses 28-29 Novembre 2019 XXX Congresso di Chirurgia dell'Apparato Digerente G. Palazzini [+] More

Keywords: ernia diaframmatica - laparoscopia - videoconsulto - cancro del retto - cancro all'esofago - cancro al colon - colicisti - ernia recidiva - eventi
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